Custom Stainless Steel

One of the major advantages of stainless steel, and the austenitic grades in particular, is their ability to be fabricated by all the standard fabrication methods. In some cases stainless steel lends itself more favorability to some fabrication methods better than the more well-known carbon steels. The common austenitic grades can be folded, bent, cold and hot forged, deep drawn, spun and roll formed. Because of the materials’ high strength and very high work hardening rate all of these operations require more force than for carbon steels, so a heavier machine may be needed, and more allowance may needed to account for spring-back.

Austenitic stainless steels also have very high ductile properties, so are in fact capable of being very heavily cold formed, despite their high strengths and high work hardening rates. Few other metals are capable of achieving this degree of deformation without splitting.

Stainless Steel Make-Up Air Hood System

A Make-Up Air Hood consist of Exhaust air duct(s), which remove the contaminated air and Supply (Make-Up) air duct(s) which bring in fresh tempered or untempered air. Contaminated air would consist of smoke from a stove, grille, or fry-o-lator; fumes form a chemical process, vapor from boiling water or similar applications. Our hoods are constructed entirely of 100% 304 Grade Stainless Steel, they will stand the test of time and regular cleaning. Hoods that are made of the lesser 400 Grade Stainless or Galvanized Metal, will rust and therefore need to be replaced over time.

Supply Air can be distributed directly into the interior of the hood along one side, along the back using a Supply Air Plenum, or the exterior of the hood. The supply air is designed for each specific application. It may use supply air diffusers that are directed in to the interior or exterior of the hood. When a Supply Air Plenum is used instead, it is made from 304 Grade Stainless Steel including the perforated screen located at the bottom. In some cases there is a delicate balancing act between the surrounding conditioned air and the source of the contaminated air. Exhaust hoods can be made as little as 12”x12”x12” up to as large as necessary for your particular application. All hoods meet or exceed all NFPA Standards. Hoods can be of “wall mounted” or “canopy” style. We will also make all the custom Stainless Steel duct work needed to complete the job, send us your drawings will send you a quote. To see the applicable Fans, Lights, and Fire Suppression System, please see the Recommended Accessories or Related Items.

Please note that these are manufactured to order. They are usually manufactured and shipped out within 10 Business days. Delivery times vary depending on your location. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you are in need of an exhaust or supply fan to accompany this hood, or other accessories like extra filters and lights, please review the “Recommended Accessories” or contact us.

Stainless Steel Counter Tops, Tables, Wall Panel, etc.

Stainless Steel is a hardworking surface that’s as easy to maintain as it is beautiful. Its reflective qualities make it the “universal-neutral”, reflecting both natural and artificial light as well as any color hues existing in the kitchen.

Our Stainless-Steel countertops and tables can come with either a drop-in style sink, a welded-in sink or a combination of both styles. Backsplashes can be extended up the wall to fit any application. Wall Panels can be used to cover an entire wall and can be made with different surfaces, example would be a diamond shaped pattern. This functional material gives a space a clean and elegant look and at the same time is an antibacterial surface for food preparation.

Other Stainless Steel properties such as Easy to clean, Heat resistant and Stain resistant makes it the best choice in countertops, tables, islands and wall panels.

Railcraft Railing Systems

Horacio’s is happy to announce that we are now a “Factory Authorized Dealer” for Railcraft. Railcraft railing systems are made up of Powder Coated Aluminum material, and you may choose from Railcraft’s standard color selection or have them match a custom color for you. All Railcraft railings meet all IBC, state and local codes through out North America.

Railcraft offers the following railing styles for both residential and commercial use:

These styles have a variety of uses such as, decks, pools, property lines, wind protection, sound reduction, hand rails, stairs and more. Railcraft also does custom railing work.

Railcraft railings are easy to install and can be done by a home owner or be professionally installed by us.

Custom Railing Systems

Horacio’s makes Steel and Stainless Steel Railing Systems, and you may choose from a basic color or have us match a custom color for you. All steel railings are given a primer coat and a top coat. All of these Steel and Stainless Steel Railing Systems meet all IBC, state and local codes through out North America.

Napoleon Fireplace Distributor

Horacio’s is a dealer and an installer and for Napolean Fireplaces. Napolean Fireplaces are available as for existing masonry fireplaces as well as new construction. Napolean also offers stand alone models.

  • Available in clean burning, convenient natural gas or propane, some models are also use wood
  • Some models are available with 88% steady state maximum efficiency and up to 36,900 BTU’s of output heat
  • Tested as a heater
  • No electricity required to light or operate – millivolt system ensures reliable use even during power failures.
  • Turn on and off at the flick of a switch
  • Heat transferring high temperature glass
  • Adjustable flame and heat
  • No conventional chimney required – vents directly through the wall or the roof depending upon application
  • Equipped with 100% safety shut off feature for your piece of mind
  • Realistic, ceramic fiber, light-weight molded PHAZER® logs for a natural wood burning look (gas models only)
  • Most models are available with “Zero clearance” installations let you frame with standard 2×4’s
  • “YELLOW DANCING FLAME®” burner system (gas models only)
  • President’s Limited Lifetime Warranty

Other Commercial & Residential Products

  • Tables
  • Ducts
  • Exhaust fan hoods
  • Sinks
  • Stairs – Counters
  • Shelving
  • Restaurant equipment
  • Hospital equipment
  • Custom designs

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